Monday, 2 April 2012

A lovely Eating-Joint on the way to Delhi on the G.T.Karnal Road

On the way back from Yamuna Nagar, we decided to break our journey at the Pind Balluchi eatery. It would be a change from visiting the Pahalwan Dhaba at Murthal. The facade and interior decor was absolutely amazing. Inside the restaurant the ambience was subtle and the village theme adopted complemented the cuisine. We ordered basic Punjabi food, Cholley Bhature, sweet and salted lassi, and finished off with traditional Kulfi! Not resisting the impulse, I took out my DSLR and took some snaps which I have pasted below:

The Facade is rather western in style what with Roman Statues and Doric pillars. It is only when you reach the porch that you begin to realise the ethnic ambience!

IMG_0198                   IMG_0200

The statues of the nymphs are very well executed!

        IMG_0197                                            IMG_0188
This rather tall gentleman welcomed us
rather warmly!

IMG_0189                   IMG_0192

                                                                             The well is an exact replica of the wells
                                                                                 that you might find in rural Punjab!

These strategically placed speakers are concealed inside a casing that looks like a rock. I guess, Freddy Flintstone would love to have one of these!

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