Sunday, 29 April 2012

Slice of Life-A Poem

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The clouds can be seen scudding across a deep-blue sky,
While  noisy  birds  flit   around  hopping  and chirruping!
Flowers   red,  white  and  pink nod their heads with joy,
As  a  cool  fresh  breeze  whistles  a  tune  of merriment!


Little children toss and tumble around like frisky lambs,
As nattily dressed  men and  women nod to each other,
While young  lovers laugh and  joke as they hold hands,
A heady scent of joy and merriment on the winds wafts!


The kind sun  gazes  with   warmth  at  the  scene below.
As  everyone   goes  about  their  duties  with  smiles  on
Faces,  and   a  spring   in  their  steps.  A  world  where
All  of   God’s  creation  dances  to a  joyful  tune of life!

A marriage  procession  merrily   passes down  the street!
Relatives   and   friends   of   the  groom  dance,  pirouette
And clap, in drunken revelry! And, the trumpet announces,
The   grand  entry of  a groom  on  a  majestic white steed!


The grand  temple bells  ring in a  clamorous chorus till morn,
The scent  of incense sharp wafts  through  as garlands adorn
The  deities  fair!  Children croon  and  women scream as the
Giant wheel rolls up and down, whirling in a slow, lazy speed!

The excited  babble  and  chatter  of  children  and  grown ups
Enjoying  games and food throbs through  the air! The sweet-
Meat  seller  announces  his wares  and children gather for the
Goodies along with a little stray dog wagging its tail for scraps!

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