Monday, 18 June 2012

Majnu Ka Tila-Gastronomer’s Paradise!

 After a tiring but fulfilling visit to the Red Fort, we were all rather hungry, thirsty and tired, and after a lot of serious deliberation we decided to have our lunch at Majnu Ka Tila, close to the ISBT Bus station, in Delhi. My brother had told me that the food was good and cheap. We reached Majnu Ka Tila and had to park the cars outside a boundary wall and then entered a narrow lane with restaurants on both sides and with a shopping complex on one side. The restaurant we entered was named, “Ma Restaurant”. The ambience was rather mellow  and peaceful, perhaps as we were having launch at about 4:30 p.m. At this late hour there were very few other people around and so we literally had the place to ourselves!


After having our cold drinks we then placed our orders for, “Devilled Buff Momos,”  Chicken Manchurian,  Fried Rice,  Chicken Noodles, Fried Honey Potatoes, and the normal fried potato fingers. Another rather “secret Order” was the fried Pork with vegetables! The fare when it came was simply sumptuous and most delicious! The Devilled Buff Momos were covered in a special reddish spicy sauce which although not too hot, was nevertheless rich in taste! I would dare say that the “Devilled Buff Momos” were simply superb! I had quite a few helpings of the same! The honey potato was quite good with the right amount of sweetness and a slight spicy tang to it. Having gorged on the Honey Potato and the momos I went on to that secret dish, the Fried Pork in vegetables. The pork was crispy and rightly done with an accompaniment of vegetables which lent a “munchy” texture to the dish. We all followed up this rather delicious fare with fruit beer and iced tea. 

I would definitely recommend a visit to Majnu Ka Tila for some superb Tibetan food, and especially for those who would like to enjoy something different from the regular home fare! While the food is particularly delicious and superb without being too hot, it is moreover quite reasonable! One plate of “Devilled Buff Momos” consisted of eight large sized, sumptuous momos costing Rs.67/- The total bill came to Rs.1700/- for a sumptuous meal of Honey Potatoes, Fried finger potatoes, Chicken Manchurian, fried rice, Chicken noodles, Fried Pork with vegetables (dry) and Pepsi, iced tea, and fruit beer for all of us who totalled five adults, and six children!

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