Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Promises of a bright morning

clip art illustration of a Sun shining brightly with eyes and a mouth  clipart

The kind  sun peeps  through, as the night draws to an end.
The  world  stirs  restlessly, shrugs off its cloak of sleep and
I wake  from a  dream of two  fish swimming a  circle  head
To  Tail!  A symbol  fair, A voice  sere tells me to  take heed!

  The  Day’s born. Suspense overflows,  stillness  surrounds,
 The  moment  when  dreams  are  dreamt   and  prophecies
 Made,  the stirring for a  busy day to catch!  For  the miles
To   go,  of hope  and  progress,  take-overs  and  sell-outs!

bee eater 6.gif

A  copper - glow  of  the  morning  sun    the world  bathes
And    into  a  bedlam of  little  birds  chirruping it erupts!
Happily   as  they   find  the big fat  worm! Little  children
 Wipe  their   faces  ready to  go to school for fun  and  play.


 Joe hunts for a lost shoe while Ann spills her milk on the
Table.   Mother    tuts   and  hushes   both, and cheerfully
Mops the  milk and  finds  Joe’s shoe. And  they all  have
 A breakfast  of  bread  ‘n butter, and  milk and all is well!


The long lines of school children with faces bright wait
 For  the  school bus  with  bags  bobbing  up and  down.
 Parents  chat, and  dogs  wag  tails  and  the sun  shines
 Bright, a  promise  foretold  of a day of joy fun and luck!

 happy boy running

 A  day  of  events  fine  is  promised   by  a  dream  so
Fair,  of  battles  won and  promotions  granted.  For
So,  t’is told  by  dreams  so fair, dreamt  on  the  end
Of night!  We  greet  the day  with a skip and a smile!

a teacher sitting talking to three little girls

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