Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I gave thee my all but thou gavest me ashes,
That filled my mouth with dust. Scarce could I
Swallow as badly choked was I, a bitter taste
Lingers, a sacrifice of a prosperous joyful life!

What you gave to me, you took away all with
Interest thrown in!  Would you punish one so
Close, who'd give  you his all, just to please?
Alas!  That I   should   please  you  no more.

Fain   would  I sacrifice my all to gain a place
At thy  table, to  sit  in  communion with thee,
But in my place sit  thieves, liars and cheats,
Who   charm thee with  their fawning smiles!

Why  should  I retire in a dudgeon?  I know well
The weather  might  change, and  lift the veil of
Impenetrable haze that blinds you so! For one
So devoted to you, you favour a deceitful one!

So I serenade before your window knowing well
That I might win  your  favour, a smile from you
All I wish! The  ashes might yet turn into reward
Fair, a communion  of joy  and glory so grand!

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