Saturday, 30 June 2012

Remembering a Confirmation Service in the C.N.I. Holy Trinity Church, Ghaziabad

While scanning through my external hard disk storage device, I came across a few photographs of my nephews confirmation which took place on the Eighth of March 2009. The Confirmation programme was conducted by the Rt.Revd.Cutting, Bishop of the Diocese of Agra. Revd. Sunil Kumar the present Presbyter In charge of the Church and Revd.Peter Baldev the out going Presbyter were in attendance.


My  nephews were perhaps feeling a little nervous before the crucial moment, but then haven’t we all gone through the same feeling?


In the snap are Revd. Sunil Kumar, Revd.Peter Baldev.


In the above snap we can see the Rt. Revd. Cutting, Bishop of the Diocese of Agra leading the service.  You will notice also the wonderful stained glass that they have in the church.


A sermon by the  Revd. Bishop Cutting


And all the Confirmed candidates step our of the Church for a Photo-Shoot of perhaps one of the most important moments of their lives!


And then the gathering of well wishers after the Ceremony, Mrs. Daniel, the Principal of the Holy Trinity School, and my Mother in Law at the far right.


And my nephews stand before their proud Grandfather and my Father in Law! Well that is me standing in the middle!


The happy Parents


And a Gathering of close relatives and friends.

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