Tuesday, 31 July 2012

In the company of hypocrites

 He is a  short  sunburnt  gentleman,  a  farmer of the  fields!
A  landlord with  servants at his beck and call, but now has
Been   promoted, to manage an organisation,  with the  tact
And  skill he  is renowned to  have in the field! And he sets
Up a coterie of  acolytes to  report on comings and goings!

One he calls his toadstool while another, his footstool, the
Other,   “my  man,”  the  fourth   becomes  a  masseur,the
Fifth  his  errands  boy!  He   grants   statuses   and  titles
According  to  the  level  of   flattery  they  accord  to him!
All  hang  on  to his  words like their lives  depend on him!

 He's  the  very image of  benevolence, in  his  hands holding
  A holy-book,   all  the  while,  showering  prayer‘n’ blessing,
 As  he  plots and   schemes, the downfall of those that don’t
 Fawn  and   defer  to   him!   For  such,  is  the heart of him,
 Who  feels good with  flatterers of  all kinds all around  him!

But, alas, those  that fawn  and bow  might  not true be,
For all   their  loyalty  and   servitude  might   forced be!
While   they bow  down  in  servitude,  and  humility they
Might be laughing at a man who thought himself a great
Veritable  Lord! But, alas! all treat him as a jester great!

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