Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ten Poems about experiences in life

“ Godfather”
A Godfather might set you up in life,
But beware of the time when he takes
Up his pound of flesh.It is better to be
Self-made with an ordinary job than be
An executive with a chip on his shoulder,
Burdened by a host of obligations,of
A Godfather out to extract his due!

“ Celebrating Success”
The greater the celebration, the greater the
Sobering  (after the moment has passed)! Life
Never stands still, for a moment of success
Passes too soon, leaving a realisation of what
Might come tomorrow! Therefore, temper your
Celebration with soberness accepting that
You might have to embrace failure next!

A moment to be cherished before the chores
To come before you,  the responsibilities of
Parenting and the end of innocence, of hard work
And providing, of sharing the ups and downs
Of life. A new phase in life, the end of childhood,
The stage of maturity, the stage of decisions.

A far away dream, hidden in the mists of
The past, sometimes revealed sometimes
Lost! Nevertheless, a dream to cherish, and
Treasure. The mainstay of the aged, the fresh
Breath of joy to fill your days with moments of
Laughter. It brings a smile to the lips of even
The harshest, a reminder of the joys that were,
And might not be, a dream to fall upon in
Moments of despondency, for us to chuckle
As we sleep or ponder over the day’s events!

Good to have friends indeed, but better
Still not,  for friends in need be friends
  Indeed; but they are hard to come by  if   
You don’t have the means to please them!
They run away when faced by the mob,
And leave all alone to face the music
Made by them. True friends are few, and
Best friends are rare, but then friends are
Aplenty and they’ll cheer you and praise
You and raise toasts to you if you’ll only
Fill their glasses and keep them overflowing!

Children are  angels and fairies come to life,
Here before us, to make us cherish their antics,
As we remind ourselves that we too were children
Once. By having children before us, we too turn
Into children, becoming innocent and naive once
More, and remember of where we came from.
A fresh breath of air might they be, to give us
Just that strength when we feel tired, and bring
A smile on our tired faces, a twinkle in our eyes.

“The Beloved”
She is prized as long as you don’t have her, for that
Familiarity breeds contempt, that I am sure you
Know! What remains beyond reach continues to
Be revered and most wanted. But some will remain
Beloved even till old age, a romance that never
Dies, but they are few and rare enough to be cherished!

“Prized Possessions and Gadgets”
Like a beloved, they give you immense joy till
They are new. To break the monotony of life,
They are your best companions. But as they
Wear away you look with envy at other new,
Shiny gadgets with greater options to play with.
Doesn’t this remind you of life, where familiarity
Sometimes breeds contempt! But then we always
Want a new mobile, camera, t.v., lap-top, or
I-pod. But then our excuse is always that they
Have become obsolete! Wonder whether they’d
Change their partners because they’ve become
Old or obsolete! No but then another reason
For retaining them is that they have sentimental
Value so some will not part with them ever!

“Money and Riches”
Difficult to earn but easy to spend, money is
Treasured in this world. It can buy loyalties,
Hearts,  careers,  God-Fathers, Friendship,
and provide polish to lumpen minds!
Manna to this world, money is to be treasured,
For it might buy happiness but not love! The source
Of joy and happiness, but, in excess it give you sleepless
Nights! In skilled hands it can ruin friendship, corrupt minds,
Destroy relations, and estrange lovers! Difficult to earn but
Easy to spend, everyone loves it so much!

A period of life which teaches us to cherish life!
To cherish success, and repent mistakes! But, to
Some it is a period of bad luck brought about through
No fault of theirs! A period of shame, a moment of
Embarrassment, a moment to weep tears of blood,
A time to remember God! A moment to turn our attention
To our dearest ones, an excuse to lay our heads on
On our friend’s shoulder. A time to dream, a time to
Plan, a time to get up, and dust your pants, a moment to
Work your goals, and work on your SWOT. For defeat
Is that bitter pill that reminds you that you're human,
And still have a long way to go before you can rest!

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