Sunday, 1 July 2012

Exclusive Snaps of a masked or disguised SUV

Just today while returning from Rohini, Delhi I came across a heavily masked and disguised vehicle on a test run which seemed to be from the Chevrolet stable. Although it was heavily disguised, the shape seemed to be similar to that of the Toyota Innova and the latest albeit smaller offering from the Maruti stable, the Ertiga! The recent slew of offering of S.U.Vs. from different manufacturers means that the customer is spoiled for a choice. One more offering will heat up the competition making the customer King!

Disguised Car

The lines of the vehicle suggest something similar to a Tavera, perhaps a more compact version of the Tavera?


The masking could not however disguise the badge of the manufacturer. Also I wonder whether the new offering would have a better engine than the old Tavera? Perhaps a unit from the Rhino would be more fuel efficient?
In retrospect, I guess this was niether a Chevy nor a Rhino but was in fact a smaller offering from Mahinder by the name of Quanto?Whatever, the disguise was too good!
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