Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Rose for my Teacher


When I think of my wonderful days at school,
Your kind face swims into my mind,
A face so full of patience and
Kind understanding!

Today, when I am confused and lost,
Your kind face swims into my mind,
When I stumbled and faltered,
Your hand steadied me so!

You didn’t let me fall when I was oh, so confused,
Your kind face sweet swims into my mind,
You taught me of the joy of learning,
And the joy of new thought!

So, my dear teacher do I offer you a rose,
To say, “ thank you for all you’ve done!”
You taught me to think new thoughts,
And discover the world anew!

When I feel low down and depressed, in a world
Most harsh, your face swims into my mind,
Driving away  confusion and trepidation,
Teaching  me of of patience ‘n’ wisdom!

So would I gift you a rose so fair,
To cherish a memory so fair,
Till I go to my place of rest,
Of one so noble so great!

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