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The Epiphany Church Gurgaon Annual Convention-2012


The three day Annual Convention commenced on the the 17th. of August and ended on the 19th. of August 2012. The speaker on the occasion was Brother Alan Goodwin, a well known evangelist who needs no introduction (this being the second time that he officiated as the Speaker on the occasion)! The Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi, Rt. Revd. Sunil K. Singh graced us on the last day of the convention along with the first Lady of the Diocese, Mrs. Rekha Singh, and their son, Sonal Singh. The Convenor on the occasion was Mr. Robin Moses, and the Co-convenor was Mr.Noel Chandraker. Revd. Sunil Ghazan, the Presbyter in charge of the Epiphany Church presided throughout the Convention.

The theme this time was, “You did not choose Me, I chose you” : John 15:16. Brother Alan expanded on the theme and he started the day by impressing upon all the need to know God well, as He knows what exists deep within our hearts. He went on to state that God has chosen us for us to glorify Him, we we only concern ourselves with material wealth. He further went on to remind all those who were gathered about the importance of self-denial as a means of coming closer to the Cross so that we might walk in the shadow of the Cross! It is only by walking in the shadow of the Cross that we can begin to understand why God has chosen us! Brother Alan went on to assert that God wants us to be the fruit, and that their are two kinds, good and bad. It is only the Holy Spirit that tells us where we have gone wrong.

The Youth Choir singing a lively number
On the second day, the Choir from the Turkman Gate Church sang lively numbers on the occasion. Expanding on the theme further, Brother Allen further stressed the need to be one with Jesus Christ, so that we may like what we are doing since it is according to Jesus’ will. According to Brother Alan, God wants us to be the good fruit. Being good fruit comes from abiding in God’s love!. This also entails, to live in love with each other, with the Holy Spirit as our intercessor! According to Brother Alan, abiding in God’s love entails being patient, merciful, not revengeful, modest and not proud or conceited! It is only by exalting Jesus that we come to know him better. Throughout his talk Brother Alan kept reminding us about the importance of the family as the basic unit where we should by  exemplifying and practicing love and respect for one another especially  by showing to the spouse and love for the children.Since we have been the chosen fruit, it is important to maintain  good behaviour in the family, and this good behaviour includes sharing the word with children. He went on to state that power comes from the word of The Lord,and reading from the Bible. If this is our identity as the chosen fruit, then we are expected to be like Holy Children of God, starting from our homes!

The Choir from the Turkman Gate Church, Delhi
Brother Alan winded up his talk on the third day by reminding everyone that Man lives not by bread alone, but by the Word of the Lord. As God’s own chosen people, we are expected to be put on trial and to be glad in such times as we would come out victorious through our patience and perseverance!

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Welcoming the Bishop of the diocese of Delhi, Rt.Revd. Sunil K. Singh


A welcome to the First Lady of the Diocese, Mrs. Rekha Singh

Welcoming Sonal Singh


Listening in rapt silence


Sharing a lighter moment with the congregation


The Women’s Fellow Choir singing Soulful numbers


And the Sunday School Children sang some lively numbers!
There were also readings by Mrs. Ivy Lal, Mr. Dipender Benjamin and Mr. Devinder Lal:




Solo Numbers By Seema Rogers, her brother, and Peter John 




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