Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Childhood Games- A Poem about Innocence

Children yell, with zest and zeal!
With   mind  so  free, they  tumble and  turn!
All care of a world far removed, in a garden
Of   flowers, ‘n’ rainbows fair!

So free are  they from  care  and fare,
Of  caste  and  creed  know  they  not!
With sweet sweet smiles do they greet,
The  nodding  flowers ‘n’ rainbows fair!

So they  know  of  toy and joy,
As  they   play  with  bounce  and  bound!
When   little   red  balls   make  so glad,
  Hearts they fill with wonder and glee !

So free are they from scare and dare
Of   hate   and  bait   know   they  not!
With great  great  care  do they greet,
The  nodding flowers ‘n’ rainbows fair!

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