Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kara-A Poem

I saw a graceful woman waft by, a curious smile in her eyes,
And I turned; even though the distance separated us,
For I knew not her name, curious though I was!

Fair and graceful, she was, like a Greek Goddess! Her diaphanous
Garments floated in the air, as she walked, lost in thought,
  I turned to look at her though I knew her not!

I thought the world had I conquered when she glanced at me
 As she passed me by! Would that she my inspiration be!
My own  left me by the roadside to death to bleed!

But, then her  smile  lifted up my spirits, and bid me forgive
Those who’d left me by the road, torn and forlorn,
To lick my wounds   my head to lay sleep!

Kara, they told me her name was so, an angel who applied
salve to wounded souls, with a smile so sweet, an angel,
 So fair, so graceful, would that I knew her well!

Would that the smiles of a stranger uplift the souls so?
Kara, for that the name I ken, that lifted my mind so,
As mine own had left me to lie on the way-side so!

When Kara, passed me by,
 With a smile so sweet, and eyes so deep, why,
I forgot the pains that bound me so, and looked at her in wonder!

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