Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Kingdom of Dreams-Gurgaon

2012-09-05 13.05.49
The visit to the Kingdom of Dreams today was a bonanza for all of us teachers, a treat worth cherishing and remembering. The ambiance of the food court was amazing with all those facades and theme stalls that tried to capture the essence of some of the States like Kerala and Rajasthan. The ethnic theme was evident in many stalls that were selling ethnic handicraft items.
2012-09-05 13.45.07

The artificial sky was so well done that it looked real, with birds flying in it! Yes, and there was an evening ambience, a cool relief from the heat of midday sun.
2012-09-05 14.11.39                                  2012-09-05 13.07.36

2012-09-05 13.42.56

2012-09-05 13.31.37              2012-09-05 13.32.03
Of course what what you see here is not the real sky rather, it is an accurate rendition of the firmament!

2012-09-05 13.06.35                     2012-09-05 13.06.50
The main attraction of the day however, was the musical comedy, “Jhumroo” which was very well directed. The props were excellent, the use of video projection, made the whole event a visual extravaganza with a 3-D effect.  We were not allowed to take snaps inside the theatre so it wouldn’t be possible to post any snaps!
2012-09-05 18.14.55
I guess there is something powerful, even today about drama , especially when you have a well scripted play, directed wonderfully and assisted by excellent props. What I liked about the play was that the script called for an active participation of the audience in the play, whether it was carrying the mike and asking members to sing a number by Kishore Kumar, or it was about waving coloured napkins. Apparently, the difference between a play and a film becomes evident when you go to a theatre. When you watch a play you are closer to the characters, better able to empathise with them, and sometimes even have an eye-to eye contact, all this makes watching a play a much more powerful experience than watching a movie! We can rest assured that drama as a genre of entertainment is still popular and alive!


  1. Great to see 2 of my favorite teachers bond together!

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