Saturday, 22 September 2012

The thrill of Macro and Close-Up!

No one can deny that Macro as in Macro-Photography is thrilling, not just for purists, but also for  fun lovers. If you look carefully at the chameleon below, you will notice a rather odd feeling as though the eyes were following you!
Very few insects and small lizards will allow you to get closer, and what makes everything even more difficult is that these small creatures move around so quickly that by the time you aim your camera at them, they are gone!
Some insects, however will give you all the time you want, especially if they are feeding. The spider photographed below first spun a web, and then when a fly got trapped, it proceeded to liquefy it!
IMG_8990 (2)
You will notice if you see carefully how the spider has grabbed on to the fly and is proceeding to liquefy it! The we beads on the web show that the web is still fresh from the spinneret factory!
IMG_8993 (2)
The wasp too looks great while building its nest, but then, you have to be  careful lest you should agitate it
But then flowers too can be most satisfying to photograph, and not just creepy-crawlies! These Easter lilies look nice, but close-ups seem to show more about them, as I am sure you will agree!
A Macro shot of the Sun-Flower will reveal the intricate patterns of the whorls of the seeds!
And you thought that Cactus do not have flowers? Well you are wrong. These flowers bloom at night, and in the photograph below, you can even see an ant feeding on the nectar. The bees apparently had gone off to sleep!
Yes, and poppies too have intricate patterns:
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