Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The house on the rock that was undermined by Greed

House on sand and house on rock

The Holy book says that the wind and rain and flood couldn’t
Break down the house that was built on a foundation of rock,
But men's  greedy  minds  do  burrow deep  into  the rock like
Termite  that  riddle  the wood with  holes so to undermine the
Structure! For verily, are we told that thou shall not serve two
Masters,  God  or mammon, but  love  one and hate the other!
Fallen house built on sandy land

So sad it is, that while men of greater minds do build structures
On rocks, the men  of  lesser  minds that follow, work to destroy
The very  same! For they  be without faith, because to earn gold
Be their  wont! They  serve and worship  Mammon to feed their
Distended  stomachs,  and  see faith  and hope go to seed!Great
Structures  disappear   into  dust while greedy people make hay! 

It is impossible to build a stable life on wicked principles

Greedy minds thus eat into   structures built on faith and prayer, for
Mammon  tells   them  to  do so! They    build  houses  on  Earth but
Ne’er  live to  see them  for they die  soon  being men of lesser faith!
So why do you undermine the work of faith and prayer? Methinks it
Not so  fair,  that  chosen  ones  play so rude! To fill  their distended
Gobs  oh so  full,  and  crush  monuments  so  fair, for gain so bare!

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