Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Morning Magic

 A deep silence  shrouds the  Morn  with  baited breath,  while the  dying  night  awaits
The day yet to come! A  pregnant hush  insinuated, before  the din of  the  awakened
World, as a  lusty  new-born  babe shouts its arrival! While the world continues in deep
Slumber, a tramp  roots around in the garbage, looking puzzled and amazed knowing
Not what he has lost, perhaps he looks for fortunes lost, but the drink he had at night
  Has muddled his waking  thoughts as he  rummages for lost fortunes and lost  smiles!
Another young man sits below the lamp post, a mobile in his hands, while he looks
With   puzzlement  at  the instrument   belting  out   the sounds  of a tractor engine
Starting,  a  noise  disturbing  the expectant quietness of  the morning  still asleep!
As if  on a  cue,  the cattle  begin lowing, louder and  louder,  shattering the  quiet,
Like a glass shattered on the ground!The crows start cawing and croaking, ending
That  magical  moment  when  lost  lovers  finally  meet  and dreams  lead to smiles!
But some have slept a waking sleep  and  the day to  come bears no surprise gifts,
The tramp   lost his winning  ticket in the garbage  in a  night of drink, and the one
With the mobile  has stored  strange sounds in it. For them, the day holds nothing
But  a routine grind of  drudgery and boredom! As  for me, I turn back to my home
To prepare for the day  ahead.  Some  valuable lessons have I   learned, of waking
Early to welcome the approaching day and savour magical moments as they pass!
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