Sunday, 10 February 2013

Can Happiness be had from a Leper’s cart? A Poem

Today, when I stepped out early before all woke, five-thirty in the morn,
A family of three passed me by-A leper on  wooden cart pushed
By a woman, trailed by a waif. They chatted merrily as they
Moved  fast apace to beg in the market-place!

I thought, “How can the lepers be so happy who go to beg?” Envying
Them their joy decided I to buy some happiness from them! Fishing in
    My pockets found I something to give and ran fast to catch
    Them, as  their joy carried them on wings so fleet!

I gave my money to the little waif who skipped with glee. But, the
   Leper did not acknowledge me, so happy in his talk was he!
     And, I like an intruder wanted to intrude in their joy, for if
   joy can be bought from  a leper’s cart, would I wait?

When another coming from the other direction stopped,
  And gave his share and  I, not to be left behind, ran again to tell him
   I wanted a prayer for me too! Anon, He turned with a smile so sweet and
Said, “sure have I prayed for you!” And with a joyful heart returned me home!

If joy can be had from a a leper’s cart, would you hesitate
to pay anything? Bountiful  joy does abound in those that go to beg, enough
To share with those that grieve  languish in spirits  dark! Thus, joy  happiness and
Good cheer reside not in plush surroundings, but in leper’s carts of those going to beg!

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