Sunday, 10 February 2013

Life is but a Shadow! Virtual Musings (A Poem)

One Day I woke up and
Realised that life is but a dream!
What we see are shadows!
Someone is dreaming us.
Life is but a shadow of what
Might be the real world, so,
Who are we, what happens,
When the dream comes to an end?
God forbid, for so we die!
If dreams were shadows, and
Shadows dreams, what then,Is reality?
Is perception but A shadow of reality? What we
See is but a shadow of what’s real.
So, dreamer continue to dream
That I might be.
There is one out there who dreams.
So, dreamer, continue to dream me,
 That I might live! If life be a dream,
Then the best is yet to come!
Life is but a shadow, and a shadow
Of a dream is life!
What then, is  real life?
My dear, it is but what is beyond the
Shadow, a life after death!
A life which is infinite and not
Subject to time and rust.
Why then, do you run after things
Temporary? Seek ye first the Kingdom of God,
Then shall ye know what real life is!
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