Sunday, 17 February 2013

Victoria Girls Primary School-A Visit to the Pratapgarh Farms, Jajhar

The Victory Girls Primary school, Delhi organised a one day trip to the Pratapgarh farms on the 16th of February, which was a fun-filled moment for everyone. What made the visit even more interesting and exciting was the ethnic atmosphere, the village rude food, the makki ki roti, bajre kie khichri and, the lassi, and the greenery all around! Needles to say everyone had great fun that day. The activities were fun, the students enjoyed playing at the potter’s wheel, they enjoyed turning the hand-mill, and of course they enjoyed  getting mehndi (Henna) applied on their hands! What makes Eco-Tourism farms a great hit today is the fact that they offer a slice of rural life to those coming from the more urbanised city backgrounds. With the divide between city life and rural life increasing, it has become important to show our children how interesting and vibrant life on a rural farm can be! Eco-tourism can also help children and even grown ups learn more about rural culture, folk art, rural food, which is healthy, and rural games. The children also enjoyed playing long forgotten games like hop-scotch, marble, tug of war and even sack-race. The camel ride was great fun.

Sure, the Camel ride was great fun, especially for those who dared to!

And of course, turning the wheel of the grass-cutter was great fun!
Feeding the Mannequin required some effort!

Drawing water from the well, the traditional way has its benefits!
That Chai was very good, instead of sugar, they had used jaggery!
A moment of rest after all that organic food was well deserved!
Well they say that scratching is infectious isn’t it?
Sure, the kids too had fun posing before the Mannequins!

Ah! That head-gear-regal and ethnic to the extreme!

Heavy lies the weight of the Matkas on your shoulders!
Seen through the veiled smoke of the smokeless chulah, the makki ki roti and the sarson ka sag was too good!
When all else tired them, the children had fun at the Dance Stage!
Sure it’s real! Organic farming has its benefits!
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