Tuesday, 19 February 2013

To Catch a Shooting Star - A Poem

shooting stars

A star blazes across the clear sky,

Trailing a long tail that  gathers those

That follow its wake for fame and clout!

 Few are they that can match its speedy

Exit, and fall into a void ne'er seen again!

Rare are those who match its swift progress!

 I watch the shooting star blaze across,

And see those that try to catch it so. Futile

 Attempts to catch  one that won't be caught!

But who'd match the progress of

A shooting star? It crosses the firmament in

The blink of an eye, so swift so so fast!

A shooting star, sure would I catch if

I had a net so large but, I'd prefer to paint few

In words  so rare and rich that'd bring out their glory!

So, while others attempt to catch a shooting star,

I sit me down to paint  in words one

That would be mine, to play and share!

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