Friday, 8 March 2013

At the building site

2013-03-08 09.03.54
  Down  below,   at   the  new  building  site, a  busy  scene  unfolds!
Two red   tractors  with huge ploughs, chug throatily along, wheels
  Spinning   for  purchase  as  they scrape the soil towards a switch-
  Back,  for  the ramp for future  vehicles to descend!
Teams of donkeys   trailed  by  women plod  along,  carrying loose
Earth    in    panniers    slung   to   their  backs. The  teams  pause
Each   time     they    pass   the   other  in   greetings. One donkey
Tips   his  burden  half  way,  continuing unconcerned! His mistress
Taps him on the haunches, but  he  just snorts!
A  hectic   scene   appears   below,  a   bee-hive   of  activity:  tractors
Chugging,    donkeys     plodding,   boys   tumbling  down   the  slopes,
While  engineers  peer through   range-finders to  correct  alignments.
All  doing  their  things  in the  early  morning sun  as I glance at  them
   Pacing around  while children  sweat over their exam!
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