Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bloopers, Novelties and Exotica at the Opulent Mall Ghaziabad

When I  visited the Opulent Mall in Ghaziabad, for a change this week, there was a lot that I found interesting and wanted to photograph. Having forgotten  to take my bulky DSLR camera I had to make do with a mobile phone. The snaps that I took from my mobile phone were however good enough, I hope you would agree too!

2013-03-27 17.58.39
The wordings on the sign above foxed me so! I kept looking for the Women’s trail, but couldn't find it! I guess the trail had run cold because it was one day old! Finally my wife told me that it was the trial room that was being indicated, not a trail room!
2013-03-27 18.26.47
2013-03-27 18.27.06
The idea of having the wheeled cart as a platform for display had me thrilled! It seemed to offer a perfect backdrop for the goods displayed. Did it attract a would be customer? Well, I don’t know, but then it sure caught my attention!
The Pastel coloured scarves also called, “Chunnis” in Hindi presented a riot of colours. With Spring round the corner, it was no wonder that all these bright colours would grace many a dainty lady!
2013-03-27 19.18.53
Careful!This is  not a real door, but a picture  inside the display window of a store. The Artful decoration including the bunch of flowers seemed to create the illusion of the door waiting to be opened!
2013-03-27 19.20.13
This rather graphic poster at the entrance of a 5-D projection entertainment hall seemed to promise one heck of an entertainment. Somebody who watched the 15 minute 5-D Movie said that it was a worthwhile experience, and for a meagre Rs.100/- not bad at all!
2013-03-28 13.46.18
On the way out, we were met with yet another interesting blooper which thanked us for “visiting with us” rather than, “visiting us”! But then, we did have a good time at the mall which is located at Chaudhary Mor, Ghaziabad! We were able to get some good clothing items for the approaching Summers!

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