Monday, 4 March 2013

Marine Fossils, Dinosaur’s Poop, and Wood

When my colleague, Mr. Parruck showed me his collection of fossils, I just had to take a few photographs of  them! Here are some examples of well preserved specimens of  arthropods, Mollusks, a fish and some bits of wood  in a fossilized form. The fact that we can see the remains of these creatures in a well preserved form, especially knowing that they existed 425 to 500 million years ago is simply mind boggling! I just couldn't move my eyes away! To think of time encapsulated in these rocks is simply amazing!
The Palaeozoic Trilobites existed 425 to 500 million years ago. An extinct Marine mollusk species , they were common to North America and Europe. They were most probably a bottom feeding species of scavengers and predators.
In the top photograph you can see a giant Marine mollusk species-an Ammonite!
The two rocks are part of the same rock which have been broken apart. On the left hand side you have the specimen of a Mollusk, and Ammonite and its impression on the other part.
The Fossil in the above photograph shows the remains of a number of  Arthropods frozen in time! They are remains of a species call Ammonites.
This  ancient fish swam the waters of a sea  eons ago!
This is yet another fossil of a marine Mollusk, a couple of Ammonites however not in the coiled form which lived about 500 million years ago. Such fossils have surprisingly been found in mountains suggesting that the mountains were once under water! Marine fossils are known to have been discovered in the mountains of China, and even mountains of Nepal.
The photograph above is of Fossilised  Dinosaur Poop! Amazing isn’t it? It has been so well preserved that it seems to retain its shape very well, except, well for its smell!
Fossilized wood often retains its texture, and even its colour. You can clearly see the striations in the samples above! You can even see part of the bark!

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