Friday, 29 March 2013

Attending a Maundy Thursday Service at the Holy Trinity Church, Ghaziabad

The backdrop of the overcast sky and the low light conditions seem to have given the image a rather surreal kind of effect. No flashlight was used in this snap.
Once again I had the opportunity of attending church service at the Holy Trinity Church, Ghaziabad, and what better moment than Maundy Thursday! A little  we reached the church, the sky opened up with a downpour.The church bore a new look for me because last time I saw it was before the tiles had been fixed to the outer walls. This beautiful church has never failed to fascinate me, what with its Victorian era architecture, stained glass windows which still retain their originality, and the welcoming and kind nature of the members of the congregation. Mass at the church was a solemn moment and the good Pastor conducted it in a most effective manner. The members of the congregation hung on to each word that he spoke while delivering the sermon!
The belfry retains its original Victorian Era looks although the tiles have added to its beauty!
The good Pastor, Revd. Sushil talked on the occasion of Maundy Thursday about the significance of  Maundy Thursday, the importance of the feet-washing ceremony and the humility associated with it, the significance of the Eucharist, how Christ impressed upon his disciples the need to partake of the Holy Sacrament.
Revd.Sushil conducting the service on Thursday. Note-the interior retains the original Victorian Era architecture which lends the whole a sense of serenity.
It is true that a Church is not made up of just a building, but  also people who are active communicant members of the pastorate. Having a strong and effective leader in the form of a Presbyter and the Bishop are some of the factors that make the church vibrant and living. It seems that soon, the members of the Pastorate of The Holy Trinity Church, Ghaziabad will require a larger building to accommodate a growing congregation!
A view of the stained glass windows seen from outside the church. The outlines are visible even viewed through the various nets and screens!
The Holy Trinity Church, Ghaziabad come under the Diocese of Agra, Church of North India, and the Bishop, The Rt.Revd.Cutting is head.

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