Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fun, food & water-a day out at a water park at Kapashera border

When we visited Fun ‘n’ Food village yesterday, a few kilometres from Gurgaon on the Kapashera, Delhi border it was after a gap of three or four years! The entry fee for couples was Rs. 800/- and for children it was Rs.600/-. Amazingly, stag entry was allowed and the charge was Rs.1000/- each! Earlier the Management was very strict about not allowing home-cooked food into the water park, and the lady who gave us details about the fees also told us that we would not be allowed to carry food! We were surprised however to see families carrying food with with them.
Space Journey-nothing moved except for the side, boy what an optical illusion,
boy, it looked as if the very causeway was moving!
The steeply hiked fees however doesn’t seem to be fully justified by any improved infrastructure, facilities or new rides. The only improvement visible were the lockers which had electronic locks and there were a couple of huge desert coolers in the waiting area. The showers that used to be present outside the pools were missing, I couldn’t see any water taps, and the Clock above the Wave pool was missing! Somehow the Water Park seems to be showing its age! The joy rides are old, and I could see no new joy rides.
A photograph with the clown was a must, what if some of the white paint rubbed off and stuck on to my skin!
As a matter of fact a number of the joy-rides were either not working or even missing. In the days when Appu-Ghar was in existence in Delhi, people enjoyed going to the Oyster’s Water park close to Pragati Maidan. Oyster’s was a stripped down version of the bigger water parks, but then it offered value for money and was a popular venue for school tours, of which I organised many. Today, the only other water park worth mentioning, in Delhi is Splash which is located on the G.T. Karnal road close to the Singhu Border. Splash is however a very small water park, but is still a favoured destination for school students and families in North Delhi, especially those who baulk at the idea of travelling all the way through traffic jams and to the Kapashera border!
The Wet and Wild Resorts in Gurgaon is after the toll gate, after Halidiram on the Gurgaon-Jaipur highway, just before Manesar. The entry fees to the Wet and Wild is lesser than that of Fun  ‘n’ Food Village but then the pools are smaller and there are no rides. The benefit of going to Fun ‘n’ Food village is that you can enjoy dipping in the various pools and also enjoy some of the rides. The number of water-slides in  Fun ‘n’ Food village is greater than in any other  neighbouring water parks in variety and height. I have always enjoyed sliding down some of the highest water slides in the water park!
One of the star attractions of the Fun ‘n’ Food village in Gurgaon continues to be the largest pool which is also the wave pool. At the deepest end the bottom falls down to six and a half feet. The waves generated in the wave pool are the most powerful I have seen in a water park. This is one pool which can accommodate swimmers, non-swimmers, adults, children and even toddlers!
Of course, you can’t dive into the wave pool!
Getting buffeted by the waves is great fun!
Ultimately, one can say that in spite of the expensive entry fee, the Fun ‘n’ Food Village is an ideal destination for those who have only one day to spare. It is close to South Delhi, and close to Gurgaon. Fun ‘n’ Food Village continues to be a favoured destination for families and school groups in the National Capital Region of Delhi. This perhaps because the water park has no other competition worth mentioning. With Appu Ghar coming up in Gurgaon in Sector 29, just before the HUDA City Centre Metro Station there might soon be some competition for Fun ‘n’ Food Village!
Waiting eagerly for the Ice-lollies!
Thirst and dehydration were great issues, what with the summer sun beating on the anvil of the Earth!


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