Sunday, 2 November 2014

A Formal Release of the Andromeda Connection, A Journey in Time by Revd. Sunil S. Ghazan at The Epiphany Church, Gurgaon

When the  first lot of my second book, The Andromeda Connection, A Journey in time finally arrived I waited for this Sunday to come so that I could get them blessed by my Pastor Revd. Sunil S. Ghazan. He introduced me to the gathered audience as a ‘silent writer’ much to my pleasure and spoke about the need for intellectual pursuits amongst our youth. A few words about the book and myself later, the good Pastor said a prayer for the success of the book. After the Sunday service I was accosted by quite a few eager and excited readers who were interested in buying some copies. When they asked me about whether I had written a collection of poems and responded by telling them that this was unlike the last book a collection of short stories. Another query that came from another parishioner was about the meaning of Andromeda, and how the book connected to it. And I told him that the book was a metaphor for a journey from childhood into adulthood, and that The Andromeda Connection was about a journey in space, from the Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy. The journey could be also seen as a journey in terms of the the genres and style of writing in the book. As such, stories in the first section are predominantly written in the form of a biography. The stories in the second section move away from an autobiographical style to a more fictional style with stories belonging to different genres, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, war, and suspense. The third section deals with the Science fiction genre mainly, and the last story ends up finally in a distant planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. This explanation would help all those who bought the books understand the book better.

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