Thursday, 6 November 2014



The streams still swept by while the trees did nod,
The sky-scrapers did not block the sun nor the wind!
Sparrows did wake, chirruping in the morn,
But now the Crows do Caw all day long!

The traffic signals were less, the turns so few,
But drivers did have the patience that few
Have now! And all the time had we, and the Sun
Shine so true, and we never did run!
Now, all I hear are cocky Crows that Caw all day long.
   The Sun does shine, but through dust, haze and smog!
Of the sparrows, know I naught, while of the streams see
I none ‘cept the layers of dust that blow for all to see!
The town I knew was the town of my childhood,
A bright ray of joy,fair and fresh, laughing and
Smiling like the dancing mustard fields that stretched
As far as the eyes could see - Guru-Gram  ‘twas called!
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