Monday, 24 November 2014

Gravytarianism–Pertaining to the partaking of the Gravy rather than the Meat!

I would like to make a very strong plea to the Oxford Dictionary people to consider entering the word, ‘Gravytarian’ (Noun) - a person who claims to be neither a vegetarian nor a non-vegetarian! He or she is someone who doesn’t mind having the bread with the gravy! As such, ‘Gravytarianism’, yet another noun, pertains to the Philosophy of partaking of the Gravy rather than the meat! Both the words, ‘Gravytarian, and Gravytarianism’ are derived from the word, ‘Gravy’.
In times when it is really difficult to maintain a strict alignment with either vegetables or meat, or perhaps both, it makes good sense to claim to be a ‘Gravytarian!’ It is also convenient to adopt a ‘Gravyitarian’  (Adjective) Philosophy when you are living in the midst of meat-eaters, and might even have to cook a Rogan Josh dish without having to bite into the meat! Imagine living in a land where the only stuff you get to eat is meat and meat products. It sure makes sense to be a ‘Gravytarian’, otherwise you will surely die of hunger. Ultimately it is your survival that matters.
Looking at how the number of ‘Gravytarians’ has sky-rocketed exponentially in the Information Technology age, I am sure that the Oxford Dictionary People will add the word ‘Gravytarian’ in the list of most popular new words for the year 2015. So, then if Vape can be the Oxford Dictionary new word of the year 2014, then why can’t ‘Gravytarianism’ be the most popular word of the year 2015? I have already added, ‘Gravytarian’ to the dictionary in my laptop, believing that soon it will be part of normal usage.
While making a plea for the word, ‘Gravytarian’ to be included in the dictionary, I would like to draw the reader’s attention to the contextual relevance of the word. The word Gravy is becoming very popular in the west, and so is Rogan Josh. In fact, Gravy seems to have a better texture to it when spoken than Curry. It is also the root word, or the mother word for ‘Gravyatarian’. With the increasing popularity of Gravy over curry, it will be a matter of time before the ‘Gravytarian’ becomes as popular!
This matter is dedicated to  a colleague who confessed to be a ‘Gravytarian’ rather than deny being a vegetarian!If the word does get the attention of the people at The Oxford Dictionary, then I guess it would be time to reveal my colleague’s name!

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