Sunday, 30 November 2014

Delhi Diocese's Ekta Utsav – 2014, a glimpse

This time, too like every year, the Delhi Diocese hosted the annual get-together in the Cathedral Church of Redemption’s lawns. Like always this was an occasion when people from far and wide could come together and catch up with the times. This was also a moment when all the priests, office bearers of the Diocese, Principals, and teachers from Diocesan schools were present. This time unlike previous times, most if not all of the Principals were with their respective stalls and not on stage with the mighty and the powerful! Also conspicuous by their absence were a Bishop for the Diocese of Delhi, the Principal of the St. Thomas School, Jagadhri. The St. Martins’ Diocesan School, Delhi Cantonment  school band  was missed this time ! However, without saying more, I have pasted a few photographs taken on the occasion, believing that pictures speak louder than words!

The Gang Meets Again!
A  Street Play on women’s issues was staged by The Calvary Church, Delhi. It was Crowd stealer!
A Candid pose for the occasion!

And the line up on the dais included from left, Revd. Timothy Shah, Dr. Cecil Harrison, The Rt. Revd. Bishop Collin Theodore,  The Rt. Revd. Bishop Pritam Santram, The Moderator, Rt. Revd. Samanta Roy, Mr. Alwan Masih, the Secretary to the Synod, and the fourth from him, the Secretary, Delhi Diocese, Revd. Mohit Hitter.
A welcome to Dr. Cecil Harrison, the Convenor for the Haryana Region by Revd. Mohit Hitter
Second from left, Revd. Kamal Mall, followed by Mrs. Anuradha Amos, and on the right, Mrs. Poornima Lall
A word of thanks by the Moderator, the Rt. Revd. Bishop, Samanta Roy
On the whole this was a very well organised event, and the credit goes to all those who worked effortlessly to make the occasion a grand success! Everyone who came to the fete had a wonderful time. What made the fete a grand success was the slew of stalls which included game stalls, food stalls, and stalls that sold books and literature from the ISPCk. Children had fun at the joy rides, while elders got to meet each other. The Sarson ka Saag and Makki di Roti was excellent and so was the Chicken fry sold by the Victoria Sr. Sec. School, was very well made! This however does not mean that the other stalls were in any way behind these in terms of the quality of food that they provided, it is just that I didn’t have the opportunity of tasting the stuff provided by them.
A Special word of appreciation for the Biryani that was served at the Free Church Stall, Sansad Marg, Delhi! 
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