Monday, 26 January 2015

Heritage School celebrates 26th January as Family Day

Preparing for the flag hoisting ceremony
After the Flag Hoisting Ceremony
Twenty-Sixth January was celebrated as Family Day in The Heritage School, Gurgaon. It was a red letter day a moment that all the employees looked forward to as a family! In keeping with the mantra of inclusion, this was an occasion when family members were invited to celebrate Republic Day as a family. We were told to dress in comfortable clothes so that we could participate in the fun filled events slated for the event. For me as a family man and an employee of the school it was a proud moment when I could showcase the school to my family.  The day started with the unfurling of the tricolour by the Principal of the school, Kaye Ma’am, and then this was followed by a fun-filled day for all. The Principal of the school, Kaye Ma’am, and the Vice Chairman of the School, Manit Sir, addressed the gathering. Republic Day was an occasion for promoting Inclusion as the philosophy of the school! Without saying more, I would like to share a few photographs that I took on the occasion with my family and the extended family called The Heritage School! For me, as a proud employee of the school, this was a moment when I could proudly tell my family, ‘look, this is a wonderful place where I work!’ I have pasted below some photographs that depict the spirit of inclusion that the school promotes as one of the fundamental principles of its philosophy.
Getting ready for the activity
Negotiating the minefield blindfolded
Crossing the minefield
A promise fulfilled
My Niece and Daughter preparing for the task in hand
Nidhi at the parachute event
Nidhi, Raima, and Aastha preparing for the parachute event
Patakh Ji holding one end of the parachute
Tossing the balls off the parachute
Addressing the gathering, Manit Sir and Kaye Ma’am
Raima my niece and Aastha
Mother and daughter
Of course, I was there too!
A dance where all participated!
A dance for all occasions
Everyone shook a leg!
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