Thursday, 27 April 2017

A Room with a View - Random Thoughts

It rained that day, a light drizzle,
Sweeping away all the gunk that clogged the sky,
Dust from construction sites smoke from cars, factories!
And curiously, I looked out of the window and saw,
To my surprise, the clear sky!

In the distance, I saw mountains
Stretching across the horizon, solid presence-substantial.
And spires of  building that poked into the skies, celebrating
Freshness, brought by the cleansing, light - drizzle.
I had never seen those mountains ever before!

It rained that day and the sky looked clean,
Blue, not angry or grey, the clouds white and bold 
That sailed majestically across, solid presence-substantial.
A fresh breath of air did I draw, a special moment, without a doubt.
' If only,' I thought, 'we could have clear skies without smoke!'

And all the while we sit with windows shut,
Blinds drawn - who'd look at angry skies, dust clouds,
Choking, threatening, waiting to devour blues and whites together?
And those mountains swallowed up by the dust like civilisations
  Swallowed by sands of time like they never were!

It had rained that day, washing away all the dust
And smoke, laying bare the scene that lay ahead, the clear
Blue sky, and the billowing white clouds scudding across heavens
With glee and joy. The mountains did beckon to me, those I'd
Never known. The fresh breeze did cheer me up!

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