Friday, 14 April 2017

The Cuckoo's Song - Random Musings

In the early morning rays of the rising sun sings a cuckoo, in the branches
Of a tree, "Koo-oo-ah, koo-oo-ah," which translated would mean,
"Hear me all, hear me all," but none do stop to listen
To her cry out the message of spring, of promise of
Mangoes ripe, of forthcoming feasts of fruits and
Juice, of spices and scents so rich and heady!

And as men and women  hurry to tasks so real,
None do hear the Cuckoo's sing, nor do they look at
At the magic of rising sun! All they see are paving stones,
 Boss's bitter face, a salvo of barbed arrows as bitter as death! Thus,
Do they move on with a mind ahead (even as the Cuckoo calls out to them
 With a song of hope and joy) as they rush away to greet the day and meet their fate.

On and on she sings, increasing her pitch and anger, heedlessly singing into the approaching
 Day, even as the noise of crowds and cars, drown her song. "For God's sake, listen as I sing a song for
 You, you who head for a life of toil, pause a while, hear onesing of nectar sweet, and mangoes ripe!" 
But alas! The world would move with a mind of its own, a world of men and women,
Children, lovers, and enemies deaf to all intent!

She sings  sweetly, songs of promise,, of gifts, and joy,
Songs that grow desperate with the passing of time, trills and frills
Lost on deaf - dead ears, feet that move of  own accord, to the regular beat of a
 Mechanical monster that drowns sweet songs with  loud grunts and squeaks, thumps, bangs
And groans - giant cogs that move, as the day wakes up to another round of grunge! On and on
She sings, desperate Cuckoo, increasing her pitch and tone, even as the world passes by heedlessly!

Koo-ah, koo, hear me all you who move away with restless minds, hear you not my song of
Fruits so full, and mangoes so rare, to quench your thirst of summer heat? Smell you not,
The scents so rich, colours so bright, yellows and reds, orange and green, hiding
A flesh so rare. Oh to sink my teeth into the bounty so rich, of nature so
Generous, to drink of nectar that feeds the gods!

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