Monday, 24 April 2017

Earth's Song - A Poem

You smother her in toxic gases, your lover, dump
Garbage on her, (for a crown) and go asking for more!

You cut down her tresses, denude her head of green
 Luxuriant growth, turning it into a bald, burnt desert!

You come  ask, for more, greed doesn't end,
Her glaciers shrink, oceans rise, people flee.

You pillage her oceans for fish and land for minerals, and
After you're done, you leave a wasteland and cesspool.

You come again, asking for more, greed doesn't 
 End even while she's in pain  and not so well!


Rivers dry but oceans do rise, a great thirst
Does parch the throats of man and beast !

Great clouds of smoky and dust do float in the air
 But of rain there's still no sign! Yet you ask for more!

She cries out in pain, begging for help, but alas,
To earn a few more petro-dollars suits you more!

So do greedy corporates pressing for mega bucks,
Drill for more oil, though it  creates clouds of smoke!

Unfortunately, she does gasp for breath your mother, e'en
As you fight for your money, burn and turn her into dust!

A rainbow is seen, on the horizon, while sweet showers 
Bathe and cool her, drive away fevers that burn like fires.

She revives, and lovers celebrate new life, life without
Smoke, pollution, pain or sadness! A child cries out her love!

A sweet scent of spring wafts upon the surface, it drives
Away pungent smells of burnt lives, and scorched dreams!

Yes there is still hope, if only you'd wake up and mend your
Ways! Leave your chair and walk the paths strewn with leaves.

There she waits to embrace you engulf you with her love,
One who once lay sick, mother, lover, angel, or fairy!


Sweetly sings the bard, his Earth's song, and the winds do stop
To listen to him sing of love and romance, of times long past!

He sings of  oceans which teemed with whales, and fish aplenty
Crystal clear streams that rushed to quench the thirsty.

Tell me there's still hope, to heal the Earth, clean the Oceans,
Plant the forests, and sprout the gardens - for lovers to rest!

Sweetly sings he, of her, whom he once loved but no more
Is, sweet princess, whose tinkling feet did range the green.

Thus, while the world does pause to hear the song, a scream does
Rent the sky apart, 'Oh wherefore hast thou done this to me, li'l one?'

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