Monday, 17 April 2017

At the Art Fest - 2017

This year too, we looked forward to the organisation of the art fest. TheThe theme for the Art Fest (Kalaparv)this year was baroque art. I was excited about looking at the exhibits and decided to take a few snaps of the exhibit. I am sure that you will like what I saw today. Yes, a loud applause for the art department, and all those students who contributed towards the event. There was sleep in the eyes of the Fine Arts teachers, people who worked through a Saturday and a Sunday!

These are semi-finished ceramic coated artifacts waiting to be placed in the furnace, all a preparation for the art fest.

If mirrors fascinate you, this is it! The mirror created an illusion that I was glad to exploit!

What is it that makes pets adorable? Well, I guess it is because they are so well behaved!

Some of the exhibits included a display of gowns and dresses. This one I'd like to call the woman in gold!

I guess it is all about synchronicity!

Hand-painted designer shoes, any takers?

A Designer Boutique! I liked the concept of lighted dresses!

The illusion of movement, nothing can beat the idea of using shadows!

These rather happy "Jugheads" are in fact receptacles for ornamental plants!

Nothing will beat the beauty of a bunch of flowers in a vase!

So then why do we love pets? I guess that is because they are faithful and trustworthy!

I could go on and on with more photographs, except that space is the main concern! Hope you liked the snaps!

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