Sunday, 1 May 2011

Home coming to Epiphany Church-Gurgaon




After attending a function at the Bishop’s residence in the evening of the thirtieth of April, I decided to stay in Gurgaon for the night so as to return to Jagadhri the next day. I wanted to attend mass in the Epiphany church, Gurgaon on Sunday along with my family. I told my wife that I had to attend mass in the church for sentimental reasons since I would be returning to the church after a whole month. I reached the church in the morning at a quarter past eight and received a pleasant surprise to see Revd. Daman and his family in the church. In fact it felt like a homecoming for me to be back in the church where I had been attending Mass since the year 1985, the year I came  to India from Ethiopia for further studies. The compound seemed to beckon to me, the trees, and the benches seemed to greet me with the words, “welcome back!” Bhairo, the church bearer who is without hearing mouthed the words, “jai Masih Ki!”  Stepping into the church, I was pleasantly surprised to see Revd.Daman and his family (He is based in Ambala). He too had stayed back in Gurgaon after attending the function in Delhi. Revd.Mangla was at his post by the altar,Mr.D.D.Lal too was at his post. After sometime, Revd.Samuel Ashish Jacob, the Presbyter in charge arrived. We exchanged smiles and greetings, and it seemed as if I was back home! Revd. Ashish then told me that I was to read the prayer of Intercession, to which I readily complied! After some time  the rest of the congregation filed in, Mr. S.S. Hughes, Mr.Dipender Benjamin and his wife and kids, Mr.Pramod Sagar, the Secretary of the Pastorate Committee,Colonel Sen, Captain Jaipreet, Mrs.Jasmine Samuel, and all the regular church members arrived.A second pleasant surprise was to see Revd. Sudhir step into the church. It felt so good to see all of them. The sheep had returned to its fold after a day of grazing. Then came the moment of announcements, and I was saddened to know that Revd. Samuel had been transferred to another church and that he would be in Gurgaon till the fifteenth of May. We were further saddened that his sister, Janet is not keeping well, and only a miracle would save her! Well, God does work in strange ways and he has plans for everyone; we all prayed for her. I wonder how a gap of just one month makes one feel so emotional. I guess, it is only when we are are separated from our dear ones that we realise how valuable they have been to us! The same may be said for my family in Gurgaon whom I meet rarely during the entire month! Well, the intercession went on well, Revd.Sudhir, Revd. Daman,and Revd.Mangla, helped Revd. Samuel serve the Holy Sacrament. Service ended, and we all gathered in the Church lawn to exchange pleasantries. It felt so good to be home!


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