Thursday, 5 May 2011

Where the Mind is in deep Turmoil


Where the mind is in turmoil,stuck in a gyre,

And the clouds of adversity surround you,

You wonder if it is worth after all?

To take a sabbatical from the gyre

Of turmoil might offer solace!

But, Nietzsche tells us it is not worth!

So, they take the easy way out,

By topping themselves!

There are none that can get out of the gyre,

For life is a circle that goes

Round and round from which you can’t get out!

So, success and failure cancel themselves out!

There’s no such thing as success, before the circle of Life!

Is this life worth living, Nietzsche?


Few are those who are able to break out of the

Circle that’s called life. None have I heard about!

Many regress into the heart of darkness,

None come out! Death rears his ugly head,

Watching for each one of us, he ,the great

Leveller, where rich and poor turn to dust,

For Alexander came to nought after crossing the

Ganges. Malaria brought him  down!

For he was stuck in the gyre of life,

A circle from which he had no escape!

What then, is the importance of achievement,

If you can’t break through the circle of life?

For, are we all stuck in the great circle called Life.

Round and round we go, like a merry go round!

Is this what life offers to us, a circle we

Can’t break from?

Success and Glory and Achievement and Success

Come to nought before this great circle of Life!

Let me sleep the deep slumber for am I tired of struggle!

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