Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Morning Walk


I am greeted by the rising sun, red, round like a ball,

My cheeks caressed by  the cool fresh breeze. I will

Swing  my  arms  as  I  power  into   my  walk!   Well,

Ready  for the  fight of the day, at the world I smile !


On my walk I  come across  many  early risers.

Three  men   briskly   walk , the  tallest in front,

The   shorter  bring  the  rear  while  he  blocks

The road  as if he owns it!  He’s the parliament!


The old  man see I back bent double! He shuffles

With   the   help  of  a   walking   stick !  He  greets

All and Me with a “Ram, Ram” each time we pass!

Ah, well a well,  age thou art surely forgetfulness  !


I  step  lightly  into  the park at the end only to see,

The    same   old  woman  sweeping  the  road. Face

Serene, Boxed with silver hair,crossed with wrinkles,

For   it’s   true,  the  end  of  my  walk   marks   she!


Thus,  ends    my   daily  lesson  in  life!  You start

Briskly  but   slow  down  towards the  end.  Sweet

Sunrise    marks   our  birth  while   weary  Sunset

Marks   Slumber, ’cause at the end, sleep is must!


Life  starts  with  a jump, a  leap,  a kick,

To end  in a  shuffle  and  a walking stick.

You end  up sweeping  the road  in front,

Your  walk  a shuffle, Day in and day out!

Back   bent   with  the   years  of  weight !

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