Sunday, 8 May 2011

Remembering Kandaghat Heritage Railway Station- a Fairy-Tale Railway Station

I was filled with great shock and sorrow when I read in the newspapers that the Kandaghat railway station was recently gutted by a fire that broke out late at night. I was particularly fascinated by the ancient style of the building when I visited Shimla during the summer vacations last year(2010). We were putting up at a resort called the Falcon Crest at Kandaghat, and we planned one day to take a train from the  Kandaghat station to Shimla. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a train. But nevertheless we spent time drinking the special tea at the station, and just looking and admiring the station. It is a good thing that I took photographs because now I know that photographs are all that remain of that Heritage Railway station. I am most glad therefore to share my photographs of that railway station.  I was particularly impressed by the ancient weighing machine that I found there. The building looked rather quaint and somehow I couldn’t help but be transported back to a time when engineers were cutting the mountains to make way for the tracks and the station. Travelling by train from Shimla to Kalka ( I got off at Kandaghat) is an amazing experience. I just wanted to remain at the station and just wanted to soak in the atmosphere of quaintness, an atmosphere of History. The very walls of the station stood testimony to the skills of the Engineers, and the men who toiled so many years to make this a masterpiece of Railway engineering! Well just below are the photographs that I took:


DSCN1636 Quaint Benches dating 1908
Waiting for the Toy Train
Ancient Weighing Machine Dating 1907!
DSCN1640                    DSCN1642


DSCN1648 And the Train finally arrives!

Given below are photographs taken by my daughter, Aastha R. Lal:
                                                                    Waiting for the train
DSC08358                    DSC08362

DSC08363                    DSC08368

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