Tuesday, 9 August 2011


It  was  Saturday, and off we went to Chamo!

To   fish  for Nile-Perch and Cat-fish. We saw

The nasty  Crocs  basking in the sun, mouths

Wide-open, lazy, waiting  for a morsel to shut

Those  jaws on. Then  we saw  those Hippos,

Marshalling their  calves to feeding grounds!


First   we  caught  the  Tilapia, with  fishing-rods

And   put  them  in a  tin with holes which we put

Back  in the water. Dad and Uncle  Pastukh  put

Them  on  bigger   hooks,  the  size of my palms!

For they wanted to land a big catch-a Nile-Perch

Taller   than  me!  My brother and I rowed a boat.


A log floated close to the pier, but the eyes on  top

Betrayed   it  for a  cunning  monster, cold-blooded

Waiting  for  a  morsel  of  unsuspecting  meat! Not

Getting a bite,we went on a boat-ride,and the storm

Came, and the waves washed over the bow! So we

Turned  back  to see if we  could have a better luck!


Dad and  Uncle  caught  four Nile-Perches taller

Than   me!  We   had  to  carry them slung from

Poles. Back  home,  Dad and Uncle dressed the

Carcasses   and   packed the flesh to be sent to

The   Embassy. That  evening,  Dad  and  Uncle

Sang    patriotic   Russian   songs,   and  we ate

Bliny  and   pickled  cabbage  and fried potatoes

With  garlic  and Russian  black -bread  all made

By  Aunty  Vera. Thus  ended a  wonderful Day!



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