Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Wave Against Corruption Sweeps Across North India

The agitation launched in Delhi against corruption by Anna Hazare seems to have caught hold all over North India! In the town of Jagadhri too,  various rallies were organised in the Town of Jagadhri in district Yamnuna Nagar in Haryana! I was surprised to see rallies in favour of Anna Hazare in Jagadhri. I couldn’t help taking the following photos of the rallies in Jagadhri!






The people in the rally seemed to be full of the joy of peaceful agitaton. I could hear people shouting slogans in favour of the fight against corruption!

Everywhere there seemed to be a rather festive atmosphere. People were taking out peaceful rallies in favour of the fight against corruption. For once it seemed as if everyone was united in the common goal of fighting against corruption! Finally it seems as if the Gandhian principles of agitation seem to have sunk into the psyche of the common Indian! Whatever may be the case, it seems Anna Hazare has left his impact on the minds of Indians! The fight against corruption seems to have united the whole of North India! A wave of Patriotism seems to be uniting the entire country!



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