Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Mahasher Diary

We had been told about the Mahasher fish as being a rather elusive and much valued fish to be found in the rivers near Jagadhri. We tried to catch this elusive fish but with no success! What we did catch was however, pictures of crabs and the Mahasher fish caught by the fishermen hired by the contractor to catch this elusive fish with the help of nets. My father, after some time remarked that there seemed to be no fish of any kind in the stream off Dadupur! No sooner than he passed this remark, we got news that some people with a net had caught a Mahasher! We rushed to the people with the net and were able to catch these Images:



And if that was not enough, there were crabs which were scampering across the mud banks!


This bigger crab literally stopped and posed for the camera!


                                                            The little crab didn’t know that its snap

                                                            was being taken!

As if that was not enough, there were butterflies flitting in the air, and perching on the ground:




To wind it all up, I took snaps of my dad with the elusive Mahasher fish in his hands like trophies! Boy, were they huge! We were able to catch these two beautiful specimens of the Mahasher!




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