Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Sermon-A Poem

I went to  church  thinking  I’d  get some  inspiration,but
   Couldn’t   hear  the  good pastor’s sermon! For peeping
  At   me  from  the pew  ahead  was a  smiling,chubby li’l
  Baby as  she    peeped    at   me   from  the   lap
Of her mother!

My brother frowned at me, but I  smiled at the little
Baby,   beckoned   at  him  while  the good pastor
Went   on with  the sermon! The innocence on her
Face,  took  my  whole  attention  as she gazed at
Me from the lap of her mother!

The little child spoke of the  life she  had seen in Heaven
For she  was there  before she came down to Earth! I too
Was  a  child once upon a  time, and was  like  that little
Baby  in front of me, innocent - fresh,darling of all, as she
  Looked at me from the lap of her mother!

The  Cherubic face  of the child brings intimations  from
Heaven  inspiring   us to  be innocent  like  a child,  only
Then   can  we inherit the kingdom of  Heaven! That was
  One  lesson  I  learned  from  Church  as  the  little baby
    Peered at me From the lap of her mother!

Perhaps we had met in Heaven once, long ago, which
Is  why  I gaze at you so fondly? Or is it  that we played
By  the  feet of  the Almighty Lord? Perhaps   we try to
Remember distant, vague memories of Heaven which
We’ve  forgotten, but remember when we see a baby!

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