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Epiphany Church Gurgaon ( CNI-Delhi Diocese) Annual Convention-2011

A three day Annual Convention took place in the Epiphany Church Gurgaon on the 12th., 13th. and 14th. of August, 2011. The Convenor of the Convention was Mrs. Helen Harrison, the Co-convenor was Mr. Robin Moses, and the speaker was Pastor Ashok Singh. The programme was over-seen by the Presbyter In Charge, Revd. Sunil Ghazan. The Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi, Church of North India, The Rt. Revd. Sunil K. Singh was the special invitee on the occasion, and he Graced the event on the 12th. and 14th. of August. The theme of the Convention was, “I am the vine and you are the branches!”


                                  The speaker-Pastor Ashok Singh


On the 12th., Pastor Ashok Singh introduced the topic of the convention to the gathering. The special invitees were the Rt.Revd. Sunil K. Singh, the Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi, (CNI) and The Revd. Prabhakar Malhan on the 12th. While the Bishop of Delhi was welcomed by Mrs.Jasmine Samuel, on the 12th. and on the 14th. he was welcomed by Mr.Robin, the Co-convenor. The Revd. Prabhakar Mahlan was welcomed by Mrs. Manisha Naq. The newly ordained Pastor, Revd. Mangla thanked the Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi, and the Congregation of the Church of Epiphany for the support given to him during his period of preparation for his calling as a Pastor under the Diocese of Delhi.


The Right Reverend Bishop Sunil Singh, The Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi being welcomed by Mrs. Jasmine Samuel


The Secretary of the Diocese of Delhi being welcomed by Mrs. Manisha Naq


Reverend Mangla handing a token of thanks to The Bishop of Delhi

Pastor Ashok Singh talked at length about the theme of the convention, and he talked about the relationship of the gardener and his role in pruning the vine in order to make it more productive. He talked about the need to make ourselves, “ available” to the Almighty Lord, to be cautious and conscious. He described how the Disciples and their followers came to be called Christians. The Jews called the disciples, “Christians” because they could see Christ in the work of the disciples. He reminded the gathering that it is a privilege to suffer with Christ, and like Christ! He went back to history and described how the early Christians were persecuted by Nero. He reminded the  gathering that Christ was not made alive, but is alive! Jesus’s purpose and mission was to bring all mankind back to  the Father, the Almighty Lord. He described Jesus as a revolutionary.

The Right Reverend Sunil Singh, the Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi brought greetings from the diocese, and he described the various plans of the Diocese and programmes run by it. He described the parable of the Prodigal Son and its importance in today’s world, He talked at length about the challenges before the Christian of today and the need to imbibe the Missionary zeal. The lesson of the Prodigal Son reminds us to repent and return to our duties towards the Church and the Society as true Christians! Many a times we stray from the true path, and it is in this context that we should return to the Father!

On the occasion of the Annual Convention, the choir of the Epiphany Church presented  some soul uplifting numbers. The Sunday school children too presented some very inspiring numbers.

I have pasted some photographs taken on the occasion below:



               The Bishop of Delhi, addressing the gathering on the 12th.


The Youth Choir presenting a number


Revd.Ghazan addressing the gathering


                                                  A song in Urdu




In the top photograph we have Mr. Peter, and in the lower one we have both Mr. Peter and The speaker prior to a song by the latter.


Sunday School Children presenting a song




In the above three snaps you can see the Church Choir at work!


Both the brothers are perfect percussionists, they are both sons of Revd.Daman Rodgers.




A welcome bouquet being presented to the Bishop of Delhi by Mr. Robin Moses


The first Lady of the Diocese of Delhi, Mrs. Rekha Singh



The Rt. Revd. Bishop Sunil Singh, the Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi addressing the gathering


Sunday school children presenting yet another number


The speaker, Pastor Ashok Singh, making a point


That is the speaker’s Wife, the Speaker and I myself at the far left


Tiny Tots of the Sunday School


The First Lady of the Delhi Diocese, Mrs. Rekha Singh after being welcomed by Mrs. J.Samuel


Mrs. Sabrina Benjamin and Mrs. Nidhi Lal



The Gathering




  1. Nice Pics ! Keeping the spirit of unity , I still remember the slide show ‘down memory lane’ that was shown at one of the church programs . I think you have the only collection on the progress of the church for over a decade.

  2. Revd. Gazzan..Looking Great - Amit kapoor GS YMCA AGRA - 09152399745