Sunday, 2 October 2011

Celebration of Patronal Day in The C.N.I. Church, (City) Ambala

Today, on the 2nd. of October, 2011, The C.N.I.  Church, (City) Ambala celebrated its Patronal Day. Ten boys and girls were also confirmed by The Rt.Revd.Sunil Singh, Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi. There was lunch after the programme. The Presbyter In Charge, Revd.Sudhir Rumal Shah also told me that it was the 145th. birthday of the church, and that the Foundation stone of the Church was laid in 1856, and the Consecration took place in 1866. The Mass was conducted by the Rt. Revd.Sunil Singh, The Bishop of The Diocese of Delhi, and he was assisted by the Presbyter In Charge, Revd.Sudhir and Deacon Amit Singh.
The Church was nicely decked up for the occasion, and there was a festive atmosphere throughout. The Rt. Revd. Bishop Sunil Singh, addressed the gathering in a thought provoking sermon which was interspersed with some rather interesting anecdotes! He spoke about how Ambala has always been dear to him since he started his ministry from Haryana. He delivered Greetings on behalf of the Diocese of Delhi and spoke about some of the future plans of the Diocese. He reminded the congregation that The Church of North India is such a large organisation which has under it  no less than 27 Dioceses, and that we should be proud of being part of it! The Rt. Revd. Bishop of Delhi spoke about the forthcoming Synod Programme, the selection and welcome of the  of the new Moderator. He further spoke about the forthcoming Ekta Utsav which will be held in Delhi in December, the Missionary work being conducted by the Diocese of Delhi under the Mission and Evangelism programme.
In his sermon, The Rt.Revd.Bishop Sunil Singh, reminded all those who had come for the Confirmation and the rest of the Congregation about the meaning of Confirmation, the need to grow in Faith, and how this is possible only when you look at yourself and use the word of The Lord as a Mirror. He spoke about the need to carry the Bible at all times since it provides food for the soul! He reminded all those present that Faith comes from listening  and hearing the message given by The Bible.
The performance by the Youth Choir was absolutely amazing. They had the congregation tapping in tune to the lively numbers being played by them!
And the snaps given below are of finer, and lighter moments of the occasion:

DSCN5124                             DSCN5125


  1. Dear Sir,

    Will it be possible for you to provide the contact telephone number and email address for CNI Church Ambala City?

    1. You can try contacting Revd.Daman Rodgers who is the Presbyter of another church in Ambala, Mobile No.+9199996146858, +919810713415. I am sure he will guide you! I am no longer in Jagadhri, so don't have any contact with Revd.Sunny Rumalshah, the Prespyter of the Church in the blog!