Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Innovation in Teaching Methodology

While it is true that talented teachers adopt teaching methodologies which are effective and innovative, it remains important to analyse which methodologies  make them so effective. The most common methodologies of teaching are the lecture method, and the question-answer methods of teaching, but where the topic is abstruse and vague, it is important for the teacher to explore innovative teaching methodologies. Some innovative methodologies may be listed as, simulation, demonstration, brainstorming, and the problem-solving methodologies, and the gaming methodologies.
The simulation method of teaching is a very important method which can be used in the teaching of Civics. The most well known simulation strategy of teaching  Civics lies in the conduct of, “Mock Parliament Sessions”, where the students gain an insight into how bills introduced in the parliament become laws. The formation of a students’ council, and the election of office bearers helps the students understand the democratic process of elections! The conduct of a, “Mock Parliament” and election of representatives of the Students’ council, thus are pertinent examples of the, “Simulation Method” of teaching (we all know about how future Pilots train in Flight Simulators)! The Simulation method of teaching gives an important, “hands on” experience to the students! Simulation of virtual processes in E-Commerce can be most beneficial for students. The role of computers in creating simulation models cannot be overlooked!
The Demonstration Method of teaching comes in handy for teachers of science! To demonstrate important processes in the science lab is an important part of teaching of science. The processes of Electrolysis, the process of destructive distillation, reaction processes, division of cells under meiosis and mitosis, invasion of healthy cells by viruses and germs can all be demonstrated in the lab. The demonstration Method of teaching can help students gain an insight into various important processes. Virtual demonstration models can be made with the help of computers and these can help in the understanding of various processes!
The Gaming method of teaching come in handy for the teachers of languages. Spellathons, word-formation games can help a student understand the significant importance of words, besides they can help increase the vocabulary of students. In Mathematics there are many games which can be introduced by the teacher.Sudoku is an important game which can help the student develop arithmetical skills! Quizzes a  and Brain-Storming sessions can be introduced as games by the teachers of various subjects.The advantages of such quizzes and brain-storming session is that they help students learn about future life situations where they learn about facing selection processes.
The conduct of Educational tours is another important teaching method. Visit to places of Historical significance plays an important role in the teaching of Ancient History, this includes the study of Architecture, town-planning, irrigation methods, agriculture…etc. A visit to the Nehru Planetarium will help students understand the orbit of celestial bodies besides helping them understand the study of lunar eclipses, and the branch of science called Astronomy! A visit to bottling plants, and biscuit factories will help students gain an insight into the importance of Food-Technology!
Projects play an important role in the teaching of various subjects. Students might be asked to work on working projects, and working models. Such working models could include, models of volcanoes, projects on Hydro-Electric projects, wind-mills and electric-circuits! The making of charts, dioramas, and displays play an important role in understanding important principles and processes. A visit to the National Science Centre in Pragati Maidan, Delhi, will expose students to various working models related to Science.
The Problem-Solving method is often used by the teacher of Mathematics. Principles of simple Arithmetic can often be taught through the problem-solving approach.
Whatever be the teaching methodology adopted by the teacher, it is clear that innovation plays an important role in the teaching of various subjects. Innovation helps make the teaching-learning process more interesting than the dissemination of bookish knowledge! It is, therefore the duty of the teacher to make his teaching interesting by adopting innovative techniques in teaching. It is only by doing so that Pedagogy will become an interesting profession not only for the teacher, but also for the student. The teacher has to encourage divergent thinking and creative thinking in his students. The moot challenge is to make students dynamic problem solvers. Learning through insight, learning through understanding of principles and learning through inspiration are important targets for the talented teacher! 

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