Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rehearsals Prior to Sports Day

The final rehearsal prior to Sports Day took place on Saturday, the 22nd. of October, 2011. The teachers and the students had rehearsed everything very well, and it looked as if the rehearsal was the final event. Each teacher took his or her duty seriously and they were seen working as hard as the students in making the programme a grand success! The snaps below provide a peek into the rehearsal!

DSCN5384 A photo Op with the Principal-the Head Boy, Head Girl, and team of students office bearers.
DSCN5292              DSCN5325

DSCN5326              DSCN5349
DSCN5301              DSCN5350
DSCN5300              DSCN5357
DSCN5336              DSCN5359
DSCN5346              DSCN5368
DSCN5363              DSCN5375
DSCN5385              DSCN5388

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