Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Spiritual Evening in Ambala

Acting on an invitation from Dr.Sadiq, the Director of the Philadelphia Hospital, Ambala, to attend an evening of Praise and Worship with Anil Kant, I proceeded to the venue with my father in the evening of the 21st. of October. When we reached, we were greeted by Dr.Sadiq and took our seats. Seated next to me was Acharya,Revd.Dr. Thomas Nainan. The stage was taken over by a Choir Group from one of the Churches in Ambala. Thereafter, Brother Anil Kant, and his daughter, Shreya took over the stage and we were transported to another world, the world of thanksgiving and praise! The Duet were wonderful and both father and daughter enthralled us with songs of praise. It was a magical moment when everyone present was bound in the spirit of worship and praise! Everyone waved hands in unison and sang along with the wonderful singers! Brother Anil Kant and his daughter led us through prayer, they sang wonderful, soul-uplifting songs, and reminded us of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins. Brother Anil Kant exhorted all those gathered to accept the Lord in their lives.Even I, who am rather shy, was not afraid to wave my hands along with everyone! Brother Anil Kant went on to tell us about how he was drawn into the faith about ten years from now! Today, he is a Presbyter in a church in Mumbai! Without saying much more, I have pasted a few photographs which, I hope will transmit some of the Magic of that moment!
DSCN5270              DSCN5271



An introduction by Dr.Sadiq
Another Bouquet by Dr.Sadiq

                                                             A Bouquet for Shreya

And a few Words for the Bible Society of India
                                                             A thoughtful Revd.Sudhir
The Prayer by Acharya,Dr.Thomas Nainan
And then last but not least, we were hosted by Dr.Sadiq for dinner with the Kants.
                                                       A special thanks to Mr.Singh for this snap!

To conclude, it was a wonderful moment for me and my father! I thank Dr.Sadiq for inviting me to such an occasion, a truly wonderful evening of Spiritual Revival, and Spiritual Re-Awakening!

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