Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Honey Bee

Some  guests  came  to  visit  me, but their stay was brief!
There  was tree in full blossom  and  they came for a  brief
Feast  of Nectar. Said I to  them, tarry, and  tell your  brief
Tale, from whence you’ve come and how’re yonder lands?
Guests in  hurry said, “far have we to go,and much is the
Work left! Winter is nigh, we’ve many mouths to feed the
Queen-mother awaits  us!”  Off  they  launched  into  the
Unknown, on to a long journey of adventure and danger!
I, the  disappointed  host  watched them go, but  happy,
For   so  many  guests  had  I never  had before! Lucky
Me,  each guest  had  a  different  tale to   tell of  lonely
Lands   afar,  of  mountains and valleys   and   streams!
Greeted  I,  honey - bees,  bumble - bees,  butterflies,
And   wasps,  for    they   had   graciously come  dine!
And  I,  the   gracious  host  was  happy  to have such
Important  guests  like  them!  And   wrote  I  a   poem!

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