Saturday, 31 March 2012

Easter Lilies turn Blood Red, a Miracle or a Sign from the Almighty?

When my grandmother passed away many years back in Gurgaon, I inherited numerous plants from her which included some Easter Lilies. Ever since I have seen them, they bloomed during the Easter Season and they had always been white with a tinge of Lilac. This year however, we were all astounded to see that three flowers had turned blood red from the same plant! We were all surprised as for the past twenty years, we had always seen the Easter Lilies that were always white with a tinge of lilac but, this time three were blood red in colour. What amazed us was that these flowers were three in number and they were blood red in colour. Perhaps it was God’s way of passing a message to me and all those who are reading this blog. The colour red signifies the blood that Christ shed for us on the cross, the number three could signify the Holy Trinity. For me this comes as a strong message especially at a time when I am  facing a tumultuous moment in my career! They seem to have a message which reminds us of the pain and suffering that Jesus Christ underwent for our sake. It is moreover significant that these flowers have bloomed during this Easter Season. Is it a sign from the Lord, or perhaps a message reminding us of the ultimate sacrifice?  I have pasted some photographs of these rather unique and rare Easter Lily flowers.
This Trinity of Flowers has a special meaning for me, and I very strongly feel that they are nothing short of a miracle, especially since for the past many years I have never seen only Easter Lilies that have always been white with a tinge of Purple! These flowers carry a very strong message, and I have yet to interpret this message. Could it be a warning of things yet to come! Perhaps we need to introspect and meditate about the wrongs done by us, or it is a warning to us to mend our ways?

Today, exactly two years later, the same plant has  brought forth Easter Lily Blossoms. I took these snaps before going to church to attend the Palm Sunday Service. You can see for yourself that the Easter Lily blossoms have changed their colour. They are no longer red, nor do they have that typical Lilac colour! They have a light white colour with hints of orange. This is rather surprising considering that the very same plant had sprouted blood red flowers two years back and last year too!

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